You are a yoga teacher? a therapist?
you have a community, some students or clients and you want to offer them an unique experience?


You can rent the Captain jack for one or more delightful week(s).

Our yoga cruises are the perfect combination of sun, sailing, fun and, of course, yoga !

Classes can take place on the deck of your boat, on nearby beaches, or even within the magical ambience of nearby church ruins.

The perfect combination of a quality yoga retreat
and the pleasure of a cruise in Turkey

Imagine a full week of yoga, with two classes every day and plenty of opportunities to laze in the sun, listen to the gently lapping waves
and enjoy the most beautiful views of Turkey. We offer a full range of tailored yoga classes with highly experienced teachers
and various styles of yoga, from Hatha and Ashtanga to Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra. 

All the quality services on board to enjoy your cruise

During the trip, we’ll visit plenty of picturesque bays.
Our on-board chef Ali will create a delicious Mediterranean menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, catering for all dietary requirements.

Relax, reconnect to nature and yourself, and deepen your yoga practice in incredible surroundings with Captain Jack.

The boat has 7 cabins, 1 for you and 6 for your students so up to 12 students to host. Maybe 13 if you are willing to share your cabin. 

We also host gay yoga cruises

For several years,  also organize yoga cruises tailored for the gay community and we can create the perfect environment
to enjoy your gay yoga retreat. Because “being gay” shouldn’t define his travel choices but having a gay or gay-friendly stay can enhance
the experience allowing to settle in a safe environment and help to build a community. 


You can rent the boat and host your yoga cruise or other week events in May, June, September and October.



Send us a message to know our price and conditions. 

We will be happy to build a tailor-made week for your community.



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