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Twelve islands cruise

Twelve islands cruise

The twelve island cruise features the most beautiful islands of the Gulf of Fethiye and sets its sail in Marmaris. This port has evolved from a small fishing village to a vibrant touristic destination while keeping its original charm. Most of this charm comes from its unique location, inbetween two mountains and the sea, and from the historic part of town. This is where you’ll find the old castle and narrow alleys which lead to the lively bazaars and local restaurants. From Marmaris, it’s on to Ekincik. Ekincik is located next to a quiet bay and is enclosed by hills and beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy the silence and pristine nature, which extends further down to Dalyan Kaunos.

Dalyan is a village located where Lake Köycegiz meets the sea. The area around Dalyan is protected as many different species of turtle lay their eggs on its beach.This turtle beach, breeding grounds of the hawksbill turtle, can be visited though. The hawksbill turtle can turn out to be more than a metre in length. The female will return to the same beach every two to three years to breed. Kaunos is an ancient city known for its rock tombs with temple facades dating back to 400 B.C. These graves were carved top down out of the rock. Kaunos also features the remnants of a basilica and an amphitheatre.

In the north of Dalyan there’s the possibility of visiting the mud baths of Horozlar. Covering yourself in its grey mud from top to bottom will make you feel younger immediately. While feeling reborn, we continue our trip to Pig Island. This island in the Gulf of Göcek is full of olive and pine trees. In the northwest there are some beautiful anchorages. If we sail down a bit further, we will reach the Bay of Cleopatra. This bay features remnants of the Roman and Byzantine period, including the ruins of an orthodox monastery bathhouse.

Tomb Bay gets its name from the king graves dating back to Lycian times (approx. 700-500 A.D.) The graves were carved out of the rocks. Some have a temple façade. Inbetween the graves there are remnants of Roman-Byzantine baths, which used to be filled through a nearby natural spring which is still there today.

We continue sailing to Tersane, the largest of the twelve islands in the Gulf of Fethiye. Because of the enclosed location, this used to be were you could find Byzantine and Ottoman shipyards.

Flat Island is made out of 1.5 kilometres of beach and is surrounded by small islands. A beautiful spot to enjoy the tranquility and swim from island to island.

We leave Flat Island behind and dock at Göcek, a natural harbour at the top of the Gulf of Fethiye. From here you can see the twelve islands and the surrounding sheltered bays.The town is a well-known port for departures and arrivals in this area. As such, you will find plenty of local shops and restaurants.

We leave the inhabited world of Gocëk and drop anchor at Turnuc Buku, a beautiful bay with crystal clear seawater inviting you to take a dip.

Fethiye is the final destination of this Twelve Islands cruise. The main attraction of Fethiye is its nature. An environment with high grey mountain tops under which there are green pine forests that don’t end until the beaches run into the clear blue bays. In addition, you’ll find remnants of the Lycian period, such as ancient villages and rock graves. In Fethiye there are also many local shop to be found. They sell everything from souvenirs, leather, carpets, jewels to the latest Turkish fashion. Once you’re done shopping, you can enjoy a delicious, fresh Meditteranean meal at one of the local restaurants.

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