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Greek cruise

Greek cruise

The Greek cruise kicks off in Bozburun. A visit to the dry docks here will help you find out more about the building of gulet yachts. This is just one of the many possibilities Bozburun has to offer. There’s the possibility to shop at the local bazaar or at one of the small shops and supermarkets. Next stop is the beautiful Greek island of Symi*. The small houses leaning against the mountainside refer to bygone times, when Symi was one of the most prosperous Greek islands, with their neo-classical pediments. The narrow alleyways, the churches & monasteries and the local shops & restaurants give this island its glow. There’s freshly caught fish to be enjoyed, prepared Mediterranean style. This Greek island has more than enough to offer over a two day stay.

After continueing our journey,we will drop anchor at Tilos. This island only has 300 inhabitants and hasn’t seen many tourists. The locals are cheerful and friendly. Its tranquil scenery is characteristic of Tilos. The heart of the the island is Megalo Chorio. This is the central square which is surrounded by remnants of ancient city walls, a cemetery, a museum, monasteries and the ruins of a castle.

Knidos is located on the peninsula of Datça. This city has been described by Strabo as ‘the city built for the most beautiful goddess, Aphrodite, on the most peninsula’. Knidos is known for its abundance of fish. Palamut Buku is located on the same peninsula. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful gardens. The beaches are small and quiet. We will continue to the town of Datça, which has a lively harbour surrounded by honey-coloured, limestone houses. Some are located behind high garden walls that shelter lush bougainvillea and almond trees. In addition, you’ll find shops selling local produce such as honey, almonds and fish. Stop by the old amphitheatre to complete your visit.

Just a bit further is the bay of Aktur, which many regard as the most beautiful bay of Turkey. Far from the busy touristic places, you can enjoy the silence and take a dip in the clear, blue sea.

We continue our route to Selimiye. This town is located 40 kilometres west of Marmaris. Its beautiful natural surroundings are complimented by the clear blue sea. The ruins of the ancient city Hydas are located in Selimiye. Old city walls, a monastery, a theatre and the ruins of three different castles will take you back to the Hellenistic period. A yoga cruise would give you the chance to practise yoga at these beautiful locations. Lovely meals can be enjoyed at one of the local restaurants where the chefs would love to prepare their freshly caught fish for you.

After visiting Selimiye, we will drop anchor at Dirsek Buku. It is located between the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Hisaronu. Here you’ll find different sheltered bays, which offer an amazing view of the stars at night. This Greek cruise will end where it started; docking at Bozburun.

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