Captain Jack



The Captain Jack is manned by four crew members. The captain of the ship is Süleyman, who mainly answers to the name Captain Jack. Süleyman has captained many gulets as over the course of ten years. He’s an extraordinarily experienced skipper who knows the region very well. He has no problem finding the most special secluded bays or docking the Captain Jack safe & sound.






Besides the captain, there’s another member of the crew named Süleyman. He will look after your every culinary need. In his small galley, he prepares the most delicious mediterranean dishes daily. He likes to make use of fresh local ingredients which he, together with the rest of the crew, purchases from local markets and he likes to catch his own fish when possible. This sea cook has proper sea legs, boasting more than twenty years experience of cooking aboard a ship. Besides cooking, he also helps the captain with the sails and other necessary jobs.






Ali has spent most of the last ten years at sea, either as a sailor or as a skipper. This seaman know the Captain Jack like the back of his hand and is always at the right place at the right time whenever the anchor needs to be lowered, the boat needs to be docked and the sails need to be hoist. Of course, he is also more than happy to provide the guests with a drink or take the guests ashore.







Gizem is the youngest and only female crew member. She has been sailing on the Captain Jack since 2012. Gizem assists the rest of the crew with preparing meals, docking and making the ship look spic & span.